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I’ve given up on my emotions long time ago, all I do now is work on my mind. I want to be intelligence, I want to be so smart that there’s no more room for anything else. If I feel empty, I don’t search for something to fill myself with in humans, I read. If I get scared, I don’t look for a hand, I talk to God. I am aware of my emotions, I respect them, but I’ve grown to ignore them, I choose not to be drowned in tears, I choose not to end up knocking on someones door who may and may not let me in. I know that love is a good thing, but love ends, people leave, but not intelligence, not great mind saturated with knowledge. I will be happy with it, and I’ll be proud.

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I keep coming back to you,
but it’s not for love,
it’s for pain-
I want you to hurt me,
over and over again,
until leaving feels like survival
and not a quiet death.

- m.v., Terrible Love? (via findingwordsforthoughts)


I'm Liz, I live in Brazil's capital, Brasília and I'm a NYC lover. Even tough I feel dead inside, I'm always horny.
And I really like cookies.
And dogs.

"Thanks to suffering, you have a chance to cultivate your understanding and your compassion. Without suffering there is no way you could learn to be compassionate. That is why suffering is noble."


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