when i attempt to flirt with someone
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Melbourne protest for Gaza, July 19. 2014.
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i love this body posture.

I love you please lets make out
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I am carrying such weights of absolute sadness that I must at any moment be dragged down into the deepest sea and the person trying to seize or even “rescue” me would give up, not from weakness, not even from hopelessness but from sheer annoyance.

- Franz Kafka, Letters To Milena. (via oldmoleskine)

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imagine reading a book filled with every single conversation anyone has ever had about you


I'm Liz, I live in Brazil's capital, Brasília and I'm a NYC lover. Even tough I feel dead inside, I'm always horny.
And I really like cookies.
And dogs.

"Thanks to suffering, you have a chance to cultivate your understanding and your compassion. Without suffering there is no way you could learn to be compassionate. That is why suffering is noble."


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